first things first i’m a princess


okay guys, so i decided to make a second follow forever because ‘why the hell not’, right? and because i started to follow so many great people recently that i thought that they deserved this little shout out! and of course a big ‘thank you’ to the people i follow pretty much since ever for bringing joy, love and amazing posts to my dashboard. oh and since i’m in college now take this follow forever as a little ‘yayy!’ to that, too. (◡‿◡✿)

the bolded ones are simply the ones that, when i see them in my dash, i totally drool over their amazing blogs (you guys should definitely follow them) or the people i’m closer to! okay, all this said let’s get to the fun part! <3

avelinedegrande - auteure - aryastarks - alaynestrk - artbelles - abrahamford - aidnpearce - anglknives - ambientassassin - bigbywolfs - bookersdewitt - boatsong - briennestarth - biosshock - bigbywolfed - bonesmcoy - cathly - coeurdeassassin - comstokes - couslands - darylgrimes - dewtts - dragonborn - elenafisher - eruren - fieryelise - gaarrus - gameage - gamersdaily - grywind - hiswhiskeybreath - ivilspirits - janinebrody - josephgordonlevitts - kodakumi - kaniehtiio - letsgetonwithit - lilychambler - ladytenenbaum - ladycrofts - lionessrampant - morningcircles - mythaelogy - mhythology - makomoriss - miyku - northwolves - normreedus - ohniehaus - queenmegmasters - renegons - rising-imagination - sebastiunstan - shunasassi - shaycormec - serahmanning - tethrasing - the-walking-dead-amc - williamhannibal - xthewalkingdead

so, i said this on my first follow forever, and i’ll say it again: if i follow you and you’re not here don’t be sad because i only follow blogs that i really really really love! and you guys should really follow these folks, because they’re super nice people with amazing blogs, and they deserve all the love.

again, guys, thank you so much for brighten up my dashboard. i love you all, <3.

thank you so much bb <333

  • person: i love game of thrones!
  • me: oh awesome me too
  • person: i hate sansa though she's so stu-
  • me: bye
  • hayleydr:

    I’ve always associated these two photos of mine together, they compliment each other.

    you and your friends try to protect everyone. have you been doing this the whole time? i mean, how are you all still alive?

                                       not all of us are.

    “I said to the sun, “Tell me about the big bang.” The sun said, “It hurts to become.”
    — Andrea Gibson (via ale-thea)